Monday, October 31, 2005

It has been awhile since I have posted

By Dan T. Rosenbaum

I very much regret not having posted anything on this blog for more than two months and have started to get some questions of whether or not I have fallen off the face of the earth. Mostly my lack of activity has been due to a heavy teaching load this Fall (teaching fabulous MA/Ph.D students), along with a baby boy. But that is only part of the story. I also have been talking with a team - a team that will remain nameless for now - and it looks like I might be doing some consulting.

I am very excited about this potential opportunity; it is something just a couple years ago (when I was arguing on message boards) that I never would have dreamed would be possible. I will not go into detail (publicly or privately) about precisely what my responsibilities might be for this team, but I really like the team this organization is putting together both on and off the floor. The general manager has a refreshing combination of sincerity, vision, and humility that makes it hard not to pull for the guy. And from what I can tell, the coaching and front office staff are open enough to new ideas that I am confident that they would be able to make good use of any skills that I may have. (Although probably not my point guard non-skills.)

So I likely will be scaling back (almost entirely) my involvement on message boards, web sites, and my blog. Those of you who remember me posting a or may remember my strong stance against those who posted "inside" information. Thus, if this works out, you will not see much of me out on the web, except for perhaps at

And, for the most part, I likely will try to limit my involvment with the press. There is a tendency to want to retell the Moneyball story and I don't want press clippings about me to take credit away from more deserving decision-makers. I have a lot to learn about the NBA and basketball in general. I am not looking to be Paul DePodesta or Theo Epstein. I just want to play a role and help the team. So if this team plays well this season or in future seasons, please do not overestimate my role. The vast majority of the reasons for this team's success predate my involvement.

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